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All the information you need to know before advertising on Pop In Stock

How much does it cost?

I offer two options :
  • $5.00 USD for 1 day (24 hours)
  • $25.00 USD for 7 days

Where will the banner be displayed?

Your banner will be displayed in a premium area, at the top of all pages of the site. That includes all the pages of the Funko NFT tracker as well as the Wombat Dungeon Master search tool.

What is the expected banner size?

I recommend sending me 2 banner formats.
Computer : 1200 pixels by 140 pixels.
Tablet/Mobile : 800 pixels by 150 pixels.
If your banners exceed those dimensions, it will automatically be resized to proportionally fit.

What is the expected file format?

I accept images of the following formats :
  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .gif
The image file size has to be less than 1 mb.

What is the traffic on the site?

The number of visitors on the site varies depending on many factors and I cannot guarantee any conversion rates on your ads. There is always a spike of visitors when Funko release a new set or when a new Wombat Dungeon Master season is beginning.

Here are my Google Analytics data for the year 2023.

How do I pay?

Payment must be received before I activate your banner. It can be made by Paypal or in WAX. If you choose to pay in WAX, we will convert the amount from USD to WAX using the WAX price at that moment.

Do you accept banners from any projects?

No. I reserve the right to refuse a project at my discretion or refuse a banner design. There are no predetermined criteria but I try to keep it family-friendly as much as possible. Simply contact me and I will let you know if I accept or refuse to advertise your project.

How do I contact you?

You can contact on X (Twitter). The link is below, at the bottom of the site.